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Smart hula hoop, automatic rotating hula hoop, automatic counting, adjustable waist smart hula hoop, suitable for home/outdoor/exercise/adult/beginner, detachable

• Detachable track: easy to assemble and fix on the waist, just press a button to assemble and disassemble.
• When you turn the hula hoop to automatically rotate, the massage floating point will deeply massage your waist and abdomen, burn body fat, relieve fatigue and lose weight.
• The weight hula hoop is equipped with an automatic counting device to accurately record the number of exercises and easily achieve daily hula hoop goals.
• This adult hula hoop is easy to use for beginners. Let beginners use it better. 


Smart hula hoop, automatic rotating hula hoop

HK$238.00 Regular Price
HK$118.00Sale Price
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