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Spring Tensioner for Fitness Exercise Rehabilitation Training, Three-Purpose Multi-Function Rally Arm Home Fitness Equipment

*Multi-purpose chest expander with foot ring for easy use and handle (with handle).Removable springs, free to adjust as needed.
*3-in-1 home fitness equipment: chest dilator + handle + pull rod.
*Expander. Spread it on your chest.Strengthen your wrist strength, arm strength, and strengthen your chest muscles.After 3 months of exercise or longer, you will have the perfect chest muscles.
*Finger training: Pull the handle.Increase finger strength and increase finger flexibility.Keep practicing for more than 3 months, you can better control the mouse, relieve the pain of the palm caused by the mouse, you can have a stronger grip.
*Easy to install and use, the perfect weight loss fitness equipment.Ideal for yoga, fitness classes, physical exercise and injury recovery.

Product Category: Rally
Material: Spring Steel
Applicable scene: Fitness Equipment, Sports Trends, Fitness and Body
Weight: 1.25 (kg)


Spring Tensioner for Fitness Exercise Rehabilitation Training

HK$298.00 Regular Price
HK$98.00Sale Price
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