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1. 完美的瑜伽,普拉提,力量訓練,伸展,核心和靈活性練習
2. 使鍛煉更舒適
3. 預防傷害
4. 吸收衝擊以保護關節
5. 大尺寸設計為183厘米x 61厘米
6. 採用優質10mm厚的NBR泡沫製成
7. 打開細胞結構,增加牽引力和抓地力
8. 抓住地板,防止滑倒​​和事故
9. 適合在家中,健身房或瑜伽室使用
10. 非常適合放鬆和冥想
11. 也可用於露營,釣魚,野餐,睡覺
12. 易於清潔和儲存


1 x YG010 瑜伽墊
1 x 彈性背帶
1 x 袋



10MM Exercise Yoga Pad Mat Non Slip Durable Pilates Fitness Gym Cushion

HK$198.00 Regular Price
HK$178.00Sale Price
  • Make your workout regime much more effective and comfortable with the NBR Yoga Mat!
    Whether you're an experienced yoga practitioner,seasoned athlete,or simply adding a few exercises to your daily routine.

    This 10mm thickness durable yoga mat is ideal for using at home or at the gym. These non-slip mats will help you stay on your hands and feet, even during the most difficult of yoga poses. Give your yoga mat a personal touch by choosing your favourite colour from our 4 colour options. It comes with a shoulder strap and bag for easy transportation to and from classes. These mats are perfect for everyone.

    1. Perfect for yoga, pilates, strength training, stretching, core & flexibility exercises
    2. Makes workouts more comfortable
    3. Prevents injuries
    4. Absorbs impact to protect joints
    5. Large sized design measures 183cm x 61cm
    6. Made from high quality 10mm thick NBR foam
    7. Open cell structure for increased traction & grip
    8. Grips floor to prevent slipping & accidents
    9. Ideal for use at home,in the gym or Yoga studio
    10. Great for relaxation & meditation
    11. Can also be used for camping,fishing,picnics,sleeping
    12. Easy to clean & store

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